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»  Contract Production
Benefit from the many years of know-how by BlueBioTech GmbH in research and development of microalgae products. Besides in house projects we offer a variety of development services for external customers. Our high standards of documentation, data management and quality assurance have enabled numerous new algae products so far.
For mass cultivation BBT uses photobioreactors adapted to each respective microalgae species (open or closed containment, airlift or pumped).
Following the initial product development we offer a standardised, efficient production of microalgae in industrial scale as an essential prerequisite for the realisation of new products. Our services can be tailored exactly to the request of each customer.

»  Development and production
BlueBioTech offers the complete range from selection of the most suitable strain, through robust process development up to production in industrial scale. Tailored to your project we provide selected aspects or the whole process chain.

»  Algae strains
The 30.000 different microalgae species that can be found in sea and fresh water present a hughe potential of natural products. The species differ significantly in biochemical composition, growth characteristics and morphology.

Important aspects for the selection of a suitable algae strain:

  • Biochemical composition
  • structure of the cell wall
  • resistance against contaminations
  • competitiveness against competitors
  • tolerance against temperature variations
  • growth rate
  • sensitivity for shear forces
  • feasability of down stream processing for harvest and cell disruption

»  Process development
Our team covers long year experience in processtransfer and -optimisation. Microalgae produce numerous valuable products (Projects). The yield of production of these products is depending on the physiological state of the algae which in turn is greatly influenced by the cultivation conditions. BlueBioTech applies state of the art measuring techniques to monitor the physiological state and biological activity on cellular base. This ensures a high product safety and economical advantages.

Our services include:

  • development of the complete cultivation process from culture collection up to production in industrial scale
  • selection and adaptation of the photobioreactor
  • development and optimisation of growth medium
  • process optimisation based on physiological requirements of the respective microalgae
  • suitable techniques for harvesting and cell disruption
  • development and optimisation of cultivation process in laboratory scale (photobiorectors 1-5L)
  • upscale in production scale with photobioreactors of 100-10.000L

»  Production in industrial scale
Our production plants are compatible to our pilot plants. This ensures a steady quality throughout the upscaling process. Continuous process optimisation and reliable techniques provide an economical and reliable state of the art production. Microalgae differ greatly and comprise various growth requirements. The photobioreactor system chosen must address the individual characteristics of each microalgae species. Hence BlueBioTech applies photobioreactors (open, closed, airlift, pumped) and harvesting techniques (centrifugation, filtration, flocculation) suited to the respective microalgae.

»  The production technology of BlueBioTech GmbH:
BlueBioTech has the installations and capacity for the production of microalgae and compounds in every scale. BlueBioTech has developed a unique technology for the mass production of microalgae. Based on this technology we offer contract production of microalgae according to your request.

»  StarterConcentrate:
The concentrated culture is added directly to the large scale algae production system, without need for on site starter propagation. No equipment for inoculum production is required.

Use Nannochloropsis StarterConcentrate to supply your own large scale algae production systems with live algae cells. Use 1L to start 1000-3000L of your algae production systems.

Depending on customer demand other microalgae species are available on request.


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